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Arias for Soprano


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Follow great conductors

Learn what you can get and expect from an experienced conductor


Whenever you need help with rehearsal. Here you will find the appropriate repetition media!

Pronunciation and rhythm

In case you don’t speak Italian, French, Czech, Russian, German etc.! Our coaches speak the song / aria text to the rhythm of the music!

Best preparation "is half the battle"

...for all important auditions/ auditions, rehearsals, competitions, etc.


Musikpädagogin Semova spielt Arien für Sopran
Rusha Semova, Piano
Franz Jochum dirigiert Arien für Bass
Franz Jochum, Dirigent
Mario Pasqueriellio, Dirigent
Dian Tchobanov, Dirigent
Marco Ozbic, Dirigent
Shetler Arias for SOPRANO
Norman Shetler, Piano

(with full 60-Day Money-Back-Guarantee. The subscription can be canceled anytime

Innovation and creativity


The learning material is an ideal supplement for self-study, rehearsing in college, the opera studio, in the ensemble but also during singing lessons and coaching!

Motivation and inspiration

Create and breathe together with our conductors. Be inspired by the interpretation.

First class conductors

You learn early in your training what you get and can expect from a good conductor.

Secure competitive advantage

You will be well prepared and play the repertoire confidently and convincingly.

(with full 60-Day Money-Back-Guarantee. The subscription can be canceled anytime

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