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Make music together with our experienced conductors and accompanists -… and hone your Italian pronunciation along the way!

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N. Vaccai in 15 lessons

Videos with conductor – piano acompaniment -spoken italian lyrics

1st Learning Unit: The Scale – Skips of Thirds

  • “Manca soliecita,
  • “Semplicetta tororella,

2nd Learning Unit II – Skips of Fourths – Fifths

  • “Lascia il lido, e il mare infido…”
  • “Avvezzo a vivere senza conforto…”

3rd Learning Unit III – Skips of Sixths

  • “Bella prova e d’alma forte….”,

4th Learning Unit IV – Skips of Sevenths – Octaves

  • “Fra l’ombre un lampo solo….”,
  • “Quell’ onda che ruina….”,

5 Learning Unit V – Semitones

  • “Delira dubbiosa….”,

Learning Unit VI – Syncopes

  • “Nel contrasto amor s’accende,…”,

7 Learning Unit VII – Introduction to Runs

  • “Come il candore,…”

8 Learning Unit VIII – Appoggiatura, from above and below – Acciaccatura

  • “Senza l’amabile Dio di Citera…”,
  • “Benche die senso privo…,

9 Learning Unit IX – Mordente – different styles

  • “La gioja verace, per farsi palese…”,
  • “L’augelletto in lacci stretto…,

10th Learning Unit X – Exercise on Turn

  • “Quando accende un nobil petto…”,
  • “Piu no si trovano tra mille amanti…,

11 Learning Unit XI – Exercise on Trill

  • “Se povero il ruscello…”,

12 Learning Unit XII – Exercise on Runs

  • “Siam navi all’ onde algenti…”,

13 Learning Unit XIII – Portamento

  • “Vorrei spiegar l’affano…”,
  • “O placido il mare lusinghi la sponda”

14 Learning Unit XIV – Recitative

  • “La patria e un tutto di cui siam parti;…”

15 Learning Unit XV – Recapitulation

  • “Alla stagion de’ fiori e de’ novelli amori…”
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Per-Otto Johansson 2 2013
Per-Otto Johansson, Conductor
Franz Jochum dirigiert Arien für Mezzosopran
David Grant, piano
(With 60-day money back guarantee. The subscription can be canceled at any time)

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