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Sing from the famous collection “Twenty-four Italian Songs and Arias” by various Italian composers. From “Caro mio ben” to “Vittoria”!


With this learning offer you will receive the complete learning material for the well-known aria collection of Schirmer “Twenty-four Italian Songs and Arias” in the voice range LOW. Sing and study famous pieces of music from the 17th and 18th century. This course contains THIS learning material for each piece of music:

  • Conductor video (an experienced conductor will guide you through the music)
  • Correpetition (piano accompaniment + melody/ vocals)
  • Souffleur- Option (an Italian prompter from a major opera house speaks the text to the rhythm of the music)

Course Curriculum

Twenty-four Italian Songs and Arias
No. 1: “Per la gloria” (D) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 2. G. Caccini: “Amarilli, mia bella” (f) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 3: “Alma del core” (E) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 4: “Come raggio di sol” (d) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 5: “Sebben crudele” (C) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 6: “Vittoria, mio core”, (A), tiefe Stimme 00:00:00
No.7: “Danza, danza, fanciulla”, (g),Tiefe Stimme 00:00:00
No. 8: “Vergin, tutto amor” (a) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 9: “Caro mio ben”, (C), tiefe Stimme 00:00:00
No. 10: C. W. Gluck: “O del mio dolce” (d) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 11: G. Legrenzi: “Che fiero costume” (f) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 12: “Pur dicesti, o bocca bella” (C) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 13: “Il mio bel foco/ Quella fiamma” (e) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 14: “Non posso disperar”, (d), tiefe Stimme 00:00:00
15. C. Monteverdi: “Lasciatemi morire” (c) T/ l 00:00:00
16. G. Paisiello: “Nel cor piu non mi sento” (Es) T/ l 00:00:00
No. 17: “Se tu m’ami” (e) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 18: “Tre giorni son che Nina” (d) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 19: “Gia il sole dal Gange” (Es) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 20: “Le Violette” (Es) T/ L 00:00:00
No. 21: “O cessate di piagarmi”, (e), tiefe Stimme 00:00:00
No.22: “Se Florindo è fedele”, (F), tiefe Stimme 00:00:00
No. 23: “Pietà, Signore”, (a), tiefe Stimme 00:00:00
No. 24: “Tu lo sai”, (C), tiefe Stimme 00:00:00
  •  35,00
  • 365 Days

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